Tuesday, April 04, 2006

TV Debate
Inquiry into Reality: The Disappearance of Public Space
in the collaboration with Sarajevo Centre for Contemporary Art/Pro.ba and
Protok Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Project author: Goran Petrovic
Director: Asja Hafner

Casting: Nenad Malesevic and Goran Petrovic
Moderators: Asja Hafner and Nenad Malesevic
Participants: Alfredo Cramerotti (IT), Jovan Cekic (RS), Goran Petrovic (BE), Mileta Prodanovic (RS), Misko Suvakovic (RS)

TV Debate gatheres experts from the field of art, art history and media, and it starts the debate about
different topics the project deales with: media role and media power, media services as a public services, manipulation and political aims achieving, responsibility, media ethics etc.

In September 2007, TV Debates is broadcasted in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Serbia and Republic of Macedonia.